Why Beaumont Solar?

Unlike other solar companies, Beaumont Solar sells, services, designs, implements and commissions all systems with in-house employees. This means you do business with a company that will stand by your 20-year solar investment while others will fade away.

Our unique business model gives us unparalleled stability and sustainability.

  • Limited long-term debt
  • No equity financing
  • Growth financed by profits
  • Sustainability over the long-term

Skill and Expertise With Endurance You Can Count On

All solar providers are not created equal. With roots dating back to 1918, Beaumont Solar Company is a natural evolution of the still-operational and highly respected Beaumont Sign Company that provides large-scale, industrial signage to over 1,800 customers including nationally recognized corporations such as CVS, Rite Aid and Bank of America.

Beaumont Sign Company was purchased by a former Silicon Valley CEO and entrepreneur. As a sales and marketing executive with a background in Electrical Engineering, he had passion for alternative energy and a vision to grow the business in a direction that would allow for job creation and growth in new markets. The vision would prove to be spot on. Using the company’s existing infrastructure of crane trucks, installers and electrical workers, the company was launched into the renewable energy business, applying the same skills in a different market, and has grown ten-fold since.

Beaumont Solar is one of the most highly recognized and respected full-service solar renewable energy companies in the industry. We have a long history in design, manufacturing, installation, site surveying, excavation and foundation work. Our large facilities, infrastructure, core project management competency, capital equipment, trained staff and discipline, make Beaumont Solar uniquely suited for total renewable energy system implementations of all scales across every sector of industry.

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