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Suniva Tariff 201 Petition and What It Means to Customers

Over the past several days we have seen more news on the 201 petition by Suniva and it has caused a further stir in the volatile solar markets in the US. The question everyone is asking, is what should I do to hedge against this incoming price hike, and is this really going to happen....
May 25, 2017

Beaumont Big C Service Offering Solves Classic Solar Installation Problems

In the past 10 years Beaumont Solar has been a leader in solar design and installation in the New England market, we have built the business the old fashioned way, by making a profit and using those funds to fuel growth. Some other business models in the solar industry have gone the debt and equity...
May 18, 2017

Solar with Teeth- May Cover of Solar Industry Magazine

This month's cover of Solar Industry Magazine has a project designed, developed and completed by Beaumont Solar on the roof of Joseph Abboud/Men's Wearhouse suit manufacturing facility in New Bedford, Ma. The design which is on a building that goes back 100 years is a fabulous marriage of old and new. A sawtooth roof with...
May 5, 2017

Upcoming Module Price Increases due to Suniva Complaint to ITC

As of yesterday- the company Suniva that is owned by Shunfeng a Chinese Corp with cell and module manufacturing in the US filed a complaint with the ITC. As noted below, we expect that this will drive panel prices higher- by as much as 50%. We are urging our customers to lock down agreements now...
April 27, 2017

Final SREC II Factor Guidelines

We have cut and pasted below the final SREC II factor guidelines which were released just yesterday. While most of this is what was presented at the DOER Stakeholder meeting on January 31st, 2017 in Boston, some of the changes are worth noting. Specifically the eligibility for good cause to get the extension, is important...
March 23, 2017

Building Engines Scott Sidman hosts Phil Cavallo CEO Beaumont Solar on podcast- The Value of Solar its not just about cheap electrons

Scott Sidman- SVP, Building Engines Commercial Real Estate Technology Evangelist hosts podcast of Phil Cavallo, CEO Beaumont Solar on The Value of Solar, its not just about cheaper greener electrons. Listen to the interview which covers Beaumont Solar formation and the rise of the company from a small regional sign company at the beginning of a...
February 17, 2017

Solar Power Northeast: Martignetti Companies Collaborates with Beaumont Solar on New 680,305 sq ft LEED Certified Headquarters, Incorporating a 2.2 Megawatt Solar System

Martignetti companies chose Beaumont Solar to collaborate on design and installation of a LEED certified new construction project in the Miles Standish Industrial park in Taunton, Ma. Beaumont Solar a long standing player in the solar space was tapped as the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firm to implement the system on the new building....
February 14, 2017

Solar Power Northeast Boston, MA #SolarNE

We are looking forward to attending Solar Power Northeast in Boston on Monday and Tuesday February 13th and 14th. Please be sure to come back to our blog here for updates and announcements that get made at the conference. The agenda for the conference is here: http://events.solar/northeast/schedule/ The show promises to provide some interesting topics from...
February 11, 2017

Suited for Solar- Joseph Abboud Suit Manufacturing Facility Goes Solar

Joseph Abboud Manufacturing makes 1,300 Men's suits per day in America, and all of those are done at the facility in New Bedford, Ma. The unique building was designed and built in 1909, and has a saw tooth roof, some 43 of them. Each sawtooth faces 180 south and has an inclination of 22 degrees....
January 25, 2017

Solar Can Provide Key Grid Services NREL Report Shows

Contrary to what most utilities and DPU folks would have us believe, solar is healthy for the grid. Please see this piece from NREL which has done a study with First Solar in the California ISO market. Bottom line is that solar helps with voltage, frequency, and ramping capacity. The data from the test show...
January 13, 2017

“Harness the Sun” book signing event tomorrow in Boston

When: September 9, 2015 from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM EDT Where: The Boston Foundation 75 Arlington Street 10th floor Boston, MA 02116 The special event celebrates the release of Philip Warburg’s new book, “Harness the Sun: America’s Quest for a Solar-Powered Future“. From inner-city neighborhoods and industrial wastelands to the open desert, the book traces solar energy’s...
September 8, 2015

Beaumont Solar CEO Phil Cavallo’s speech from Environment Massachusetts’ event in New Bedford, MA

Earlier Today, Environment Massachusetts hosted an even at the New Bedford High School, highlighting the communities actions in general, and New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell and Beaumont Solar Co. CEO Phil Cavallo in particular. The following were Mr. Cavallo’s remarks at the event: Remarks: Sharon, thank you for that introduction and for all you do in your job to promote Environment...
September 3, 2015

Massachusetts Net Metering Caps Spoiled?

Raising the caps will require help from MA State Senators and Representatives, please contact your legislators immediately. http://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/will-massachusetts-net-metering-caps-spoil-the-community-solar-party
April 20, 2015

Self-Storage Facilities Boost Profitability with Solar Power

Acushnet Self Storage will be opening its doors next month and the property’s owner Rick Miller is really maximizing his return on this newly constructed self-storage facility. Miller initially thought of constructing a traditional self-storage facility on the site, but then came up with the idea of putting solar panels on the self-storage buildings. By...
July 1, 2013

Climate Change and Energy Policy

President Obama’s address on Climate Change was a watershed event. The Federal Government’s focus on cutting carbon pollution will only accelerate the growth 0f carbon-neutral sustainable energy resources like solar.
June 26, 2013

Massachusetts DOER Intends to File Emergency Regulations for SRECII Program

Governor Patrick Announces 1.6GW Solar Goal by 2020 In some stunning moves by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER), the state dovetailed behind the Patrick Administration’s announcement to increase the 250MW goal by 2017 here to 1.6GW by 2020. Massachusetts has become one of the hottest solar states in the whole country. In...
June 24, 2013

Imtra Corporation’s New Solar System Provides Revenue for Direct Re-investment into R&D

Utilizing “green” energy to power their business is a natural fit for Imtra Corporation. Imtra is the leader in marine systems, with more than 50 year experience in the marine products industry. The company manufactures a series of energy-efficient LED lighting products and wind measurement and alarm systems used within the wind and alternative energy...
February 21, 2013

Largest Indoor Basketball Facility Now 100% Solar Powered – Gets requested incentives and avoids utility upgrades

1320 solar panels span the 73,000 sq ft roof of the Massachusetts Premier Courts indoor basketball facility in Foxboro, MA Aerial Photography by Auvergne Studios Beaumont Solar has completed one of the most significant solar projects in the region with the design, engineering and installation of a 389.40kW rooftop solar system at Mass Premier Courts in...
January 30, 2013

Massachusetts DPU-DG Working Group

Looking over some of the findings and recommendations from the group it comes at a time when 1GW of applications are submitted and 100MW are granted. Roughly speaking this is a 10% ratio. We need to look at providing a sunset on some of the  solar interconnection applications which are granted and in the queue....
December 5, 2012

What are Photons?

October 2, 2012

Solar Industry Continues to Surge

Futurist Ray Kurzweil has made a career out of predicting positive inflection points in the development of technology and industries. Industry statistics support his bold pronouncement that that solar power is on an exponential path, doubling every two years. To what end? A cheap, clean, and virtually boundless power source for humankind in two decades. As Kurzweil notes,...
October 2, 2012

Examining the ROI of Land Solar Ground Arrays

You’ve likely heard of Brownfields and landfills being turned into solar farms as they have $0.00 value to ever be utilized for any other purpose. Likewise, with the subdivision market for land remaining weak and real estate development still far below pre-economic downturn levels, there is now an increased number of residential and commercial land...
October 2, 2012

Cape Vacationers to Get Even More Sun This Year

The beaches of beautiful Cape Cod are no longer the only place vacationers can catch some rays. Now,the abundant sunshine that lures vacationers both domestic and international to the pristine environment of the Cape will help power the guestrooms, indoor heated pool, video game room, dining room and more at the Wellfleet Motel & Lodge....
October 2, 2012

Beaumont Solar: Connecting with Communities and Charities Through Green Sports

When you combine green energy with green sports you form an unstoppable team. That’s the idea behind cycling teams sponsored by Beaumont Solar that want to ride in charitable events within their community, or events that promote green communities, like the annual Save the Bay event held in southcoastal MA. Beaumont Solar kicked off this...
October 2, 2012

Implementing Solar: Capitalizing on Today’s Economics of Solar

Federal and State incentive for solar renewable energy may seem to change every few months, but the goals of these incentives remain the same; keep renewable energy in the forefront by making solar feasibility more widespread. The nation’s solar industry continues to grow with unwaivered momentum producing benefits such as reducing dependence on foreign energy...
October 2, 2012

Today’s Consumers (and Legislators) Prefer Green Businesses

There are a wealth of reasons to take your company in a new, green direction. But the main ones most businesses consider are about increasing profits and attracting clients. From a business owner’s perspective, here are some points you may not have considered regarding the benefits solar has on a business: We’ve reached the point...
October 2, 2012