Solar Makes Sense for Municipal Projects.

It’s That Simple.

State and federal mandates are not the only thing steering municipalities toward solar energy. Multiple properties of varying ages, levels of efficiency and power consumption are among the largest drains on municipal capital budgets. Yet communities continue to demand capital improvements.

For zero-dollar investment, Beaumont Solar has been providing municipalities with sustainable energy solutions that put money back into their long-term planning. We operate and maintain every system we implement, reducing your need for maintenance costs. Our constant system monitoring gives the assurance of predictable rate energy in a fiscally and community-responsible manner. This frees up additional monies to be applied towards other departments and services in need that will provide benefits directly back to your community.

Beaumont Solar is called upon to help financially plan, engineer and execute municipal projects due to its dedication to cost-containment, sustainability and integrity. Speak with members of our team focused on complete municipal energy solutions and start to examine the beneficial savings solar energy can keep in your budgets.

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