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Imtra Corporation’s New Solar System Provides Revenue for Direct Re-investment into R&D

Imtra Corporation's solar PV systemUtilizing “green” energy to power their business is a natural fit for Imtra Corporation. Imtra is the leader in marine systems, with more than 50 year experience in the marine products industry. The company manufactures a series of energy-efficient LED lighting products and wind measurement and alarm systems used within the wind and alternative energy industries.

Beaumont Solar engineered, designed and implemented a 121.03kW solar system that will produce an estimated 138,045kWh annually, reducing Imtra’s grid power consumption by 70%. The savings provides added income for direct re-investment into their product research and manufacturing operations.

“Not only is it good for our operations, it is good for the environment”, said Nat Bishop, CEO Imtra. “I am proud to make this concept a reality. Imtra’s investment in ‘green’ energy conversion will pay for itself within four years and with a product life rating of twenty-five years, the solar panels will generate positive cash flow for an additional twenty-one years.”

Utilizing best in class technology at the lowest price, Beaumont Solar designs, engineers and implements the most cost effective solar energy systems in the industry with reliable, superior performance. Contact Us at 508-990-1757 for an evaluation of how much money solar energy can add to your bottom line.

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