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Massachusetts DPU-DG Working Group

Looking over some of the findings and recommendations from the group it comes at a time when 1GW of applications are submitted and 100MW are granted. Roughly speaking this is a 10% ratio.

We need to look at providing a sunset on some of the  solar interconnection applications which are granted and in the queue. Some of the projects which will never be built are taking up space in the 3% Cap, and those applications are also ahead of any new applications which may have a real chance of being built.

The utilities will not process a new application on a circuit or segment if they calculate that the circuit is already saturated with DG. While this is good engineering practice, it pre-supposes that the first in line applications will actually be built thereby penalizing new systems from coming on line.

Please comment we would like to know your thoughts on this.

To read more about this go to http://massdg.raabassociates.org/


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