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Today’s Consumers (and Legislators) Prefer Green Businesses

There are a wealth of reasons to take your company in a new, green direction. But the main ones most businesses consider are about increasing profits and attracting clients. From a business owner’s perspective, here are some points you may not have considered regarding the benefits solar has on a business:

  • We’ve reached the point where governments have started to take action against companies with high emissions outputs. So depending on your business, if your company isn’t environmentally friendly, you could be at risk. By reducing your emissions, you’re protecting your business against the potential of these costly regulations.
  • Conversely, green businesses can take advantage of state and federal legislation that provide rewards/benefits to companies that exhibit themselves as environmentally friendly “low polluters”.
  • Polls have shown that between 50% and 80% of today’s customers will choose an environmentally friendly company over one that is not. Going green makes you more attractive to your existing and new clients.
  • Marketing your business as an environmentally friendly business enhances your ability to attract more customers.

Conserving energy and preserving the environment use to be something most would let “the other guy” worry about. But now, it’s a concept that’s become commonplace, a lifestyle that’s more mainstream not just in the operating decisions of business owners but in the purchase decisions of their customers.

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