Full Project Implementation:
Skill, Expertise, Accountability

Contracting with a company that can implement your solar energy project from feasibility to completion is key to maximizing and projecting a true return on your investment. Solar system implementation is also critical to maximizing your return. This requires a cohesive approach for achieving financial benefits and system performance. All phases must be coordinated with the various disciplines involved throughout every phase in order to deploy the highest quality system.

One Controlled Process

  • Financial Business Case Analysis
    Our financial team will assess you current energy usage and long-term goals, business drivers and tax implications to prepare a business case for your internal review.
  • Detailed site assessment
    Our Professional Engineering and Electrical Engineering teams will determine service voltage, utility interconnection points, estimated production, property topography and structural analysis, all factors that impact the type of solar system that is specifically right for you.
  • System Design – Best In Class Technology
    All of our systems are custom designed to specific site conditions. Our in-house professional engineers are expertly trained and experienced in all facets of construction and solar technology. Beaumont Solar evaluates and tests the functionality and stability of inverters, modules and balance of system components. We utilize the best technology to design systems that consistently perform above projected outputs and withstand all weather conditions.
  • Permitting and Interconnection
    All PE stamped structural and electrical design packages are presented for local building permits, Department of Environmental Protection post-closure and environmental permitting when applicable, and interconnection approval with local utilities.
  • Procurement
    Beaumont Solar has long standing, direct purchasing relationships with all of our suppliers who meet or exceed Beaumont Solar company standards and who offer best in class technology and warranties as evaluated by our product management teams.
  • System Implementation
    Our engineering and design teams provide cross-functional support and work in close collaboration with our project and construction site managers to ensure all systems are being installed to the exact specifications designed for performance longevity and achieving calculated production outputs.
  • System Commissioning
    Beaumont Solar goes through a detailed system commissioning checklist which includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Performance ratio calculations, designed (theoretical) vs. observed (measured)
    • Torque settings
    • Megger testing
    • Voltage and amperage tests and measurements
    • Code violations review
    • System monitoring: cell temperature, irradiance, wind, power generation
  • Operation & Maintenance
    Protecting the value of your investment through system monitoring in real-time, panel cleaning, filter changing, torque checks, IR scanning.